RIDE (RideNode)

Date:2020-07-31 06:27:31

1.Project Description:
Project Name: RideNode    

Token Name: RIDE


2. Project Introduction:

RideNode The Most Ambitious Application Of Blockchain Technology To The Transportation, Security, And Avaiation Sectors, Starting First With Ride-Hailing Services. In Essence, RideNodes Are A Virtual Currency And Smart Contract Apparatus That Aims To Realign The Interests Of Drivers, Riders, & Service Coordinators (Collectively Referred To As Our Network Participants) Who Already Utilize Ride-Hailing Services (Such As Uber, Lyft, Via, And Even Traditional Taxi & Limousine Companies), By Providing A Superior Platform Not Limited To Logistics, Payments, Credential Verification, Incident Responses, And A Special Emphasis On Safety And Security For BOTH The Riders And Drivers.


3.Token overview:
TOTAL SUPPLY: 25,000,000,000

CONTRACT ADDRESS:  0x1D6364000DCae6C800AfF1a7086a2cD7c56f88c1

4.Support links:


Official Website: https://ridenode.io/

Official Whitepaper: https://ridenode.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/RideToken-WhitePaper-Version3.0.pdf

Official One Pager: https://ridenode.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/RideNode-OnePager-2.pdf